Below 69°F / 19°C 

Aloha 🥶🍃🌊

It’s been super cold windy stormy here FOR Hawaii.

I know I know… we are so spoiled as you just thought but we start to complain about the coldness when temperature gets below 69°F / 19°C 😂

🐋   🌊   🐋   🌊

For friends on the northern hemisphere 🌏🌍🌎 Please stay toasty warm 💕

For friends on the southern hemisphere 🌏🌍🌎 hope you are enjoying every day 💕

🐋    🌊  🐋    🌊 

🐼EFP* Project 🐼😆update:

* Elevator For Panda 😂

quarter inch by quarter inch…. so slow but still moving in the right direction.

All for our love….

🐋    🌊   💕   🐋    🌊 


  1. Oh, Yes, you poor freezing things! 😂
    My brother lives in the Phoenix valley and complains when it drops below 70F as well, while I “brag” that we actually got UP to 69F in Lexington, Kentucky in DECEMBER! Who’da thunk it!? 😉

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  2. Your cats have definitely mastered the cat look. 😼 Living in the sunny southwest, I can relate to chilly temps below 69 degrees. 😆 Best wishes on your project – fun to watch the progress!


    1. haha the black one on this page says….:”Food” ….”hey, food” 😂😆 he always makes me giggle and happy 😍 so your place is the warm area 😆don’t you miss the cute cozy winter outfit sometimes? I do😍

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      1. haha Cats are entertaining animals. 😺 Oh, yes, I do love winter clothes… boots, coats, sweaters. We still wear them here, even when it is 70 degrees outside. 😆 I lived in Denver, years ago, and nearly froze! 😂

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      2. Me too 💕I wear the FAKE UGG boots (cos it made by fake😍 fur & only $39😂), fluffy jacket only early morning and night walking time though…✨🌟😴

        One of my stepdaughters has just graduated the
        blind school in Denver last October. Did you explore the Rocky Mountain National Park 😊

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      3. I hit “send” too early. Sorry.
        Congratulations to your stepdaughter. How wonderful! It was a long time ago, but yes, I have visited the park. 😍 🏔 I love Colorado! I did not own a proper coat before I moved there. 😆

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      4. Thank you! I started to learn a little about braille as well!!!
        Colorado 🏔sounds so beautiful especially this time of the year 🎄
        Agreed about the Fake fur better!!!
        I wish all people were more aware of extremely cruelness.

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      5. That is wonderful. 💗 CO is a beautiful place. It always feels a healthy place to me. Beautiful landscape, active people – I love it! 🚵🏻‍♀️ You are so right! Enjoy your week. I know you will! 🌈


      1. It’s funny how we adapt to our environs!

        I forgot my phone today. Saw that it’s pouring in Oahu. If you haven’t already posted (I just got online), are you okay??

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  3. たい焼き〜😋ご自分で作るのですね😄
    華氏19度って氷点下ですよね!? ハワイもそんなに寒くなるんですか! びっくりです😱

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    1. 柳家さんが恋しいです😍Zombiekong さん宅からは、そう遠くはない距離ですよね(い〜〜な)我が家のたい焼きは粉・重曹&水only!ほのかな苦味の昔ながらのパリパリ皮です💕

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      1. 柳家さん何度か買ったことあります🙂

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      2. 🤗mahalo💕そうおっしゃっていただけると、嬉しいです😆💕

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  4. Oh Goodness Aloha FRiEnD The Cold
    Below 69F Hits Hawaii in Frigid

    Storms This Way

    And Spring

    To Summer

    Returns to Florida

    Just in the Nick of Time
    to Get a 5-Foot-High By
    Proof-Window As True my Wife

    Was Practically Petrified That They Might
    Have to Open That Big Hole in Our Home

    Home Yes to Let the Cold In Yet No Perfect

    Spring Weather Really Now In December

    Yes Just For Now As We Do Tend to Enjoy

    Four Seasons in December Some Days
    And i See Australian Shepherd Panda

    Is Still Meeting Scents of FRiEnDS

    On Beach For Whatever

    Is Left Over

    In Dog

    Remains Indeed
    Hope You Stay

    Warmer In This Powerful
    Hawaii Winter Storm in Fall mY FRiEnD…:)

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    1. Still Hurricane in FL 😵😵?My friend couple are visiting their mother in FL now. Now there are direct flight from Honolulu to FL!!! – super long flight though 😬
      Stay dry & nice. Happy Sunday to you.

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      1. Oh No, No
        Hurricane Hear
        Dear Aloha FRiEnD
        Just Spring-Like Weather
        I’m December i
        Was Just Kidding
        About Surviving
        The Big “Winter
        Storm” in

        With SMiles🤗☺️🙌🏝

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      2. SMiles Dear Aloha
        FRiEnD Can’t
        Imagine Food
        Much Better
        Than What
        You Prepare in
        Hawaii Indeed
        Send Sunshine
        Your Way A Bit
        Cloudy Cool And
        Rainy Here Today
        At 60F Yes
        Ways For Warmth
        Of Hot Chocolate Days☺️🤗🙌🏝


    1. Aloha & Thank you for visiting my page and your message 😆💕
      Hope you will have a wonderful white Christmas ❄️🎄✨
      One of my bucket lists is that spending the Christmas season at Northern Europe 🦌🦌🦌🎅
      It must be so dreamy and beautiful. Hope you are enjoying it. Aloha.


  5. I see you guys are well stocked with food for stormy days. Not so sure you’ll be able to get past that cat to get it. 🙂 Panda is smiling as always. Love that! ❤️

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    1. Yes he is definitely a smily angel. He has never ever complained no matter what 😆 not like most of human including me 😂😆He is taking morning nap now 😍 He sleeps more and more as he gets older.


  6. Hey your lift is coming along! Looking great!…..Well we have snow here in Newfoundland this morning and -3 C oh is getting colder with – 8 windchill….oh colder by the day burrr…… we have our wood stove going that is for sure! We had 100km winds overnight! Winter is well on it’s way! Have a great day and GOD BLESS

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      1. It can be a problem here for sure….they gets lots at the SPCA and it’s so sad. And the temps gets a lot lower than that. When we were in Quebec they were -40c….mostly here though it’s the wind that causes all the trouble….it’s not unusual to get gusts of 120 to 130…..makes for some great snow storms….lol…Have a great Sunday and GOD BLESS

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  7. No, you’re not spoiled at all, when I lived in Florida I felt the same way when it dropped below 70. Now living in a seasonal area, I happily enjoy a day that is 50 degrees and sunny. That’s quite a project for Panda, I am sure it will be much appreciated when it’s done. Enjoy your weekend in beautiful Hawaii, Mahalo


    1. Hi, thank you for stopping by again 🤗 I am happy to hear from you! It’s still cloudy bumpy day but little by little, it’s getting better. I haven’t been in the water for 3days but feel like so long! I better stretch a lot this afternoon 😊 Hope you had a wonderful weekend too and stay cozy in the evening,✨🌟😴 sweet dreams aloha.💕


  8. 69F ??? We are about 32 – 37 F (0-3 ° Celsius) and the next days will be colder. I really don’t know what you are complaining about 🤣 Maybe I will come to Hawai for a bit of warming up, haha! Panda is cute as always and the elevator project looks amazing! I hope your roof is still alright 😁 Aloha and please enjoy your temperatures!!!!🌊 🌴 🌞

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    1. You got a good point about our roof!!! Actually, before he started the pool & jacuzzi on the roof, he had to install four concrete columns to hold the extra weight. These columns are the same as commercial structures that use for the concrete parking structures 😂🤣 🤣
      It was quite a preparation 😆 Stay warm, don forget to wear fluffy socks 🧦💕Aloha.

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      1. That sounds amazing! It is hard to imagine. Now you are living on a big big building lot 😉 I hope you have a quiet christmas season and not too much hammering 😆 Fluffy socks, I will search for them 🤣 Have a good week and please don’t freeze 😍 Aloha 🌸


  9. Loved all your videos! 🙂
    Here in Australia (NSW) we are having very mixed weather. Some days up in the 30s and yesterday and today low 20s. I rather like the low 20s – (centigrade, that is). I love the cooler weather. Hot weather is fine as long as it’s not humid. I haven’t been to Hawaii, which I know must be a wonderful place. 19c seems a little cold, but, I would love it…. 😂
    Good to see ‘the project’ coming along. All power to your husband. 😀
    Stay warm.


    1. So true. The humidity makes it a huge different !!! Not too dry, not dumid… 😌🎐💕

      I don’t know in Australia’s building permit/construction situation though, here in Hawaii… this kind of project is not easy without dirty $$$ to corrupt politicians or whoever.

      Fortunitely or unfortunately (?) my husband hasn’t known anyone so he just went through proper way. so it took almost 2 decades😱to get this stage ever since he got this idea and the very first step.😱!!!

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      1. Wow, that was a long wait.
        Here in Australia we must obtain a building approval from our local council for any ‘add-ons’. Applications are available for the tiniest changes, which I am pleased about. Many have had to tear down a structure built without approval.
        When we wanted to buy a home we were interested in a particular house until the estate agent informed us of an outdoor area that did not have council approval. That was a deal breaker.
        Your husband was wise, I believe, to go through the right channels. You then don’t have to ‘look over your shoulder’, so to speak.
        I loved the video of him working. It will be such a great advantage to have. 💕

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      2. The guy who was pulling a chain on the video is one of my old friends. Now he’s my husband’s right hand! Very helpful😃

        Your story brought back my memories of when I first stayed in Australia.
        I was only 19…
        It was only a 3-month stay for ESL class this time of the year but definitely changed my life.😊😍
        I was home staying in a suburb of central Sydney…
        ESL school was at the Circular Quay…
        the closest railway station is “Gordon” then take a local bus for 10min…

        Very quiet beautiful neighborhood with many trees,
        and I still remember that there were extremely loud birds that always woke me up early in the morning 🤣 🤣 🤣

        All memories are so precious. Super nice people. Only regret is that I wish I could speak English better.

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  10. Yes, Gordon is a very nice part of Sydney, as is Circular Quay with its bustling ferries and eateries. We only get down to Sydney a few times each year. We live in the Hunter Valley – a two hour drive north.

    If your English is as good as your written word, I’m sure it must be good… 😀

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