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Happy 🌕 “Jyugoya Otsukisama” Night ðŸŽ‘🐇

🤗 Perfect small wave day @ world famous HONU 🐢 viewing beach “Laniakea” North Shore Oahu Hawaii. SUP Hydrofoil SUP board. Only 2~4 of us ❣️ Very small waves but breaking very constantly, so many fish and sea turtles, such a dreamy condition 😆❣️… Continue Reading “Happy 🌕 “Jyugoya Otsukisama” Night ðŸŽ‘🐇”

Beach Life

・ 🌞 Aloha 🌺 Honu viewing stand up paddling 🐼ちゃんとスタンドアップパドルしました🐢ホヌ aloha 🐢 🐢 😍 😍 Here is our “Beach House” vacation rental North Shore Oahu Hawaii introducing video. オアフ島ノースショアのゲスト宿泊/バケーションレンタル “Beach House” ビデオです。 however we are TEMPORARILY CLOSED IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19😿 We sincerely… Continue Reading “Beach Life”

Double raibow surfing in Happy July 4th

          We had a plan to paddle out as early as possible this morning since it’s a big holiday. And I am glad we did!!! 🌈🌈   今日はアメリカの誕生日だよ。だからなるべく早めに波乗り行こうと出発しました😍               My breakfast this morning 😋… Continue Reading “Double raibow surfing in Happy July 4th”

Green sea turtles, SUP @ Lani’s and Chuns’Reef 😍

Cute HONU~green sea turtle 😍 yesterday morning @ Laniakea Beach 昨日の朝 @ラニアケア沖にいた ホヌちゃん😍 Laniakea North Shore Oahu “Superior Sunset Jacuzzi time” with friends. I just LOVE watching them. They make me feel so blessed and happy. ホヌちゃんは、見てるだけで、シアワセほんわか🐢💓 I vividly remember that when I saw… Continue Reading “Green sea turtles, SUP @ Lani’s and Chuns’Reef 😍”

The Sense of Wonder ðŸŒº

 Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mothers in the World and Heaven 🌺💐💝💕 Happy Mother’s Day 💓🌈 Sending love and appreciation for my mother in Heaven 天国の母へ、心からの愛と感謝を捧げます💓💓💓 “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.… Continue Reading “The Sense of Wonder ðŸŒº”

Quarantine life North Shore Oahu Hawaii

morning 🌞  おはようございます😍 🐼:” Come on grandma …. wake up” 🐼:” おばあちゃん、起きて〜〜”     Hawaii’s governor orders beaches closed ついにハワイ州知事は、新型コロナウイルス対策で、全ビーチ閉鎖命令😭😱🙀   However, Hawaii will allow people to cross the sand to engage in water sports, including the state’s official sport, surfing, which has its… Continue Reading “Quarantine life North Shore Oahu Hawaii”

Happy full moon 🌕 Laniakea Beach, Ali’i Beach and Molukea Beach

  Laniakea Beach  ~ World famous Honu 🐢 viewing spot 🐢 ラニアケア波乗り🐢🐋🏄‍♂️     お月様〜〜😍 Hope you enjoy the beautiful moon 🌝 😍❣️     Ali’i Beach Haleiwa 🐢 ハレイワアリィビーチ 🐓     World Champion Surfer Carissa Moore ちゃん(å·¦)だよ〜〜〜😍     Ali’i Beach Park Haleiwa 🐢 ハレイワアリィビーチ公園 🌞  … Continue Reading “Happy full moon 🌕 Laniakea Beach, Ali’i Beach and Molukea Beach”