🌿 Zebra Finch Hawaii 🌿






Let me introduce my new channel

“Zebra Finch Hawaii” 🐦🐦

Please be my first 20 subscriber 🤗💕






Introducing new baby bird 💓


hinahina means gray, silver gray in Hawaiian

manu means bird in Hawaiian 🐦

He’s about 2 weeks from hatching. I used to call him “Hina” from very beginning because Hina means new born baby bird in Japanese.

Then I was wondering how Hawaiian says “Gray”… since he has beautiful gray feather. then I found out that “Hinahina” 😆😂

Cream Puff is so happy to have his new baby brother 😍








    1. Wow, thank you so much for being my first seven subscribers 🤣🤩
      I feel so grateful 💕🌈
      You are so right !
      Hinahina open his mouth for Cream Puff 💨🤗
      So that really help me to feed the baby.
      I will upload the “feeding time” video sometime very soon💓
      Aloha 🌟🙏🏾

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  1. 可愛いですね💛登録しましたよ😀

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      1. 怪談の方ネタがなくて去年は更新してなかったので今年は頑張ります😅
        beach houseさんも何か怖い話をご存知でしたら教えて下さい🙇

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  2. SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
    A YouTube Home For Your
    Zebra Finches True How


    The Living Nature
    All Around Us With
    Great Thanks And

    Praise As You Bring

    Such A Respite To All
    Your Furry And Winged
    FRiEnDS In Tropical Paradise too..:)

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  3. How wonderful to see this new born life, take good care for the birds and thanks for the video. Years ago I akso had a few of these finches and they also had different youngsters.

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      1. I’m so sorry. I haven’t been around very much on WP. I didn’t know that mele mele had passed. So sad for you. 😞
        The little Finch’s are so lucky to now be yours.


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