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Seven Gables House north shore Hawaii🌳

Aloha 🤗🐓🌳 Welcome ✨🥰🐒 My husband who is a builder has been building this 7 gables house ✨ 😍🐓by our home 我が家の近くに、建築家のハズバンドが可愛い家を建築中🏡 Surrounded by monkey pot and mango tree 🐵 🐒Adorable wild hen is hanging around 🐓😆 モンキーポットとマンゴの木に囲まれています😍🌳可愛い雌鶏(野生)がウロウロしてるよ🐓😆 😍 🌴 Chicken little 😆sooooo cute… Continue Reading “Seven Gables House north shore Hawaii🌳”

George Village for Sale ðŸŒ´ðŸ“🐖🦉🦆🐦🏡

  Incredibly amazing property “George Village”  located between world famous surf spot Sunset Beach and beautiful Kawela Bay, Turtle Bay        Incredible opportunity for investors and contractors ❣️   With some effort this could develop into a truly amazing 3 acres 🌴🐓 property… Continue Reading “George Village for Sale ðŸŒ´ðŸ“🐖🦉🦆🐦🏡”