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Cave pool

Aloha mai Kakou 💕 (greeting to three or more of us😊)     Baby avocados 🥑are healthily growing. アボカド 🥑 元気にスクスク🥑😻     Our white cave pool project is slowly but surely moving forward. うちの洞窟プール計画、なかなかのんびりながら、少しずつ進んできたよ😍   We got a pile of stones the other day. この前、石が届きました。  … Continue Reading “Cave pool”

Happy first day of June 🌈

Hello June 😍💕         Our Noni fruits at a mailbox are growing 💕 郵便ボックスのところにあるノニが実って来ました😍     Shower tree’s are starting flowering here on the North Shore. ノースショアのシャワーツリーもお花が咲いて来たよ〜〜〜。     These tiny little birds are always very cautious, it’s hard to take… Continue Reading “Happy first day of June 🌈”