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Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing 🌻🐬

  Happy Summer Solstice 2020🌴💕 今年も夏至を迎えますね〜〜〜     I am sending you memorable pictures I took the same day in the past. 夏至の季節に撮った思い出深い写真をアップします😻       Summer Solstice 2009       “Koa”  Sunset Beach 2008         Sunset Beach 2010    … Continue Reading “Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing 🌻🐬”

Peaceful and Calm afternoon

  Hello ~~~ I am home 💓 ただいま〜〜〜💓 These cuties are welcoming me back.😍💕 かわいい子たちがお出迎えしてくれます😍💕       サンセットタイム w ねこ&ワンコ /     Daily routine 💚 Relax on the beach and watch the sunset w 🐈🐼🐈 毎日の日課💚 ビーチでまったりして、ペットたちとサンセットを見ることだよ💚       🌈Today’s Hawaii news🌈 Hawaiian monk seal… Continue Reading “Peaceful and Calm afternoon”

George Village for Sale 🌴🐓🐖🦉🦆🐦🏡

  Incredibly amazing property “George Village”  located between world famous surf spot Sunset Beach and beautiful Kawela Bay, Turtle Bay        Incredible opportunity for investors and contractors ❣️   With some effort this could develop into a truly amazing 3 acres 🌴🐓 property… Continue Reading “George Village for Sale 🌴🐓🐖🦉🦆🐦🏡”

White Tern Tikehau Tahiti

Bird Island Tikehau 😻 So cute 💕 White Term: シロアジサシチドリ目カモメ科