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Magic Swimming Moment with sweet HONU 🐢😍🌈

    Morning 🌤     When I got a front entrance this morning… 😍 🌈🌈💗 今朝、お玄関を出たら。。。。😍  🌈🌈💗                   I was swimming alone then I saw this HONU (Green Sea Turtle in Hawaiian). She is super sweet,… Continue Reading “Magic Swimming Moment with sweet HONU 🐢😍🌈”

Green sea turtles, SUP @ Lani’s and Chuns’Reef 😍

Cute HONU~green sea turtle 😍 yesterday morning @ Laniakea Beach 昨日の朝 @ラニアケア沖にいた ホヌちゃん😍 Laniakea North Shore Oahu “Superior Sunset Jacuzzi time” with friends. I just LOVE watching them. They make me feel so blessed and happy. ホヌちゃんは、見てるだけで、シアワセほんわか🐢💓 I vividly remember that when I saw… Continue Reading “Green sea turtles, SUP @ Lani’s and Chuns’Reef 😍”

Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing 🌻🐬

  Happy Summer Solstice 2020🌴💕 今年も夏至を迎えますね〜〜〜     I am sending you memorable pictures I took the same day in the past. 夏至の季節に撮った思い出深い写真をアップします😻       Summer Solstice 2009       “Koa”  Sunset Beach 2008         Sunset Beach 2010    … Continue Reading “Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing 🌻🐬”

Rainbow, Happy Doggies and HONU on the North Shore Oahu Hawaii 🐢🐕🌈

    In this time of the year, before sunset…. この時期の夕刻前は、             Everything start to get shinny, it’s an incredibly beautiful golden time. 何もかもがキラキラゴールド輝き出す、夢のような美しい時間😍       Murphy girl 🐕 🐼ちゃんのお友達、マーフィーちゃん         and so happy to… Continue Reading “Rainbow, Happy Doggies and HONU on the North Shore Oahu Hawaii 🐢🐕🌈”

Honu-Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Basking All Day

Honu came for basking in the sun right in front of our Beach House😍😻 ノースショアの閑静なビーチに、HONU さまが休憩にいらっしゃいました😍😻 😍 ここなら観光客に囲まれて、キャーキャー騒がれることもないので、ホヌさまゆっくり休憩できます。。。 ウミガメさま、日曜日の朝にきて、🐢月曜日のお昼までここで休憩してました😍 🐢     🐼     🐢     🐼      🐢      🐼 🐼