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Green Flash Sunset North Shore Oahu Hawaii

I’ve probably spent sunset time on the quiet beach on the North Shore about 4000 times so far. I think I see Green Flash 3-4times a year. 4000回くらい、サンセットゴールデンタイムを、ノースショアの人気のないビーチで眺めています。。。Green Flashは一年に3、4回位。。。 Last time, was flash  January 21st. It was perfectly green flash and it was an… Continue Reading “Green Flash Sunset North Shore Oahu Hawaii”

Sunset Time in May North Shore Oahu

ハワイオアフ島ノースショア 観光客が押し寄せることもない静かなビーチ 刻々とかわる空の模様をお楽しみください 😻

Our Everyday Routine

Relaxation Sunset Viewing Time  Sky, the color of clouds, the movement of clouds, the sound of waves, the scent of the ocean, cute bird’s sound….. 空、雲の色や模様の移りかわりや、波の音、潮風の香り、寝床(?)にいそぐかわいい🐦小鳥たち🐦🐦の声

Sunset and After GlowʉϬ

🌺    🐓    🌺    🐓     🌺  

Happy Weekend 😍 from Beach House North Shore Hawaii

🌴  🐬  🌴  🐬  🌴  🐬  🌴