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Mid-Autumn Swell North Shore Hawai’i ðŸŒŠ

🌕 Aloha 🐢 🍃🌺 middle autumn surfing on the North Shore Hawaii 🌊next morning of the harvest moon🌕 中秋の名月の翌朝, ハワイノースショア・ハレイワのサーフィンの様子です🥰 🌊🌀 So happy to see late blooming shower tree in Autumn 😍 遅咲きシャワーツリー花😍秋に見れるってシアワセ〜💛 My 🐼 seemed to enjoy 🐼ちゃんもご機嫌なようすでした💛😍 🐦🌳 🌊🐢 Sending you a… Continue Reading “Mid-Autumn Swell North Shore Hawai’i ðŸŒŠ”

Happy 🌕 “Jyugoya Otsukisama” Night ðŸŽ‘🐇

🤗 Perfect small wave day @ world famous HONU 🐢 viewing beach “Laniakea” North Shore Oahu Hawaii. SUP Hydrofoil SUP board. Only 2~4 of us ❣️ Very small waves but breaking very constantly, so many fish and sea turtles, such a dreamy condition 😆❣️… Continue Reading “Happy 🌕 “Jyugoya Otsukisama” Night ðŸŽ‘🐇”

Beach Life

・ 🌞 Aloha 🌺 Honu viewing stand up paddling 🐼ちゃんとスタンドアップパドルしました🐢ホヌ aloha 🐢 🐢 😍 😍 Here is our “Beach House” vacation rental North Shore Oahu Hawaii introducing video. オアフ島ノースショアのゲスト宿泊/バケーションレンタル “Beach House” ビデオです。 however we are TEMPORARILY CLOSED IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19😿 We sincerely… Continue Reading “Beach Life”

Gorgeous Day & The flexible Pescatarian

        😆🤣                 Veggie Burger for lunch 🧅🌶🍔 お昼にベジーバーガー作ったよ   I am a pescatarian for 3years, ðŸ§€ðŸ˜  3年くらい前からペスカタリアン ðŸ§€ðŸ˜   But trying not to be an overly critical about it. I just don’t purchase in the store,… Continue Reading “Gorgeous Day & The flexible Pescatarian”

There’s no place like home ðŸ˜ŒðŸ¡ðŸŒ´ðŸ¼ðŸˆðŸˆ

MEOW〜〜😾      😍💓   😍 My sweet cat, he injured his back last Sunday. I took him ER, thankfully he is recovering and much better now. ペピィちゃんが背中を怪我していたので救急クリニック🏥に連れて行きました。 嬉しいことに、どんどん回復しています。         “Japanese traditional Apron style bandaid protection wrap” instead of the Elizabeth… Continue Reading “There’s no place like home ðŸ˜ŒðŸ¡ðŸŒ´ðŸ¼ðŸˆðŸˆ”

Spinner Dolphin Season North Shore Oahu

  Last Thursday morning… I was a sort of lazy indecisive mode since surf was too small for surfboard and too windy for SUP board….  I was at my bedroom balcony and looking at the ocean…. spending lazy morning…. Then I saw a pod… Continue Reading “Spinner Dolphin Season North Shore Oahu”

Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing ðŸŒ»ðŸ¬

  Happy Summer Solstice 2020🌴💕 今年も夏至を迎えますね〜〜〜     I am sending you memorable pictures I took the same day in the past. 夏至の季節に撮った思い出深い写真をアップします😻       Summer Solstice 2009       “Koa”  Sunset Beach 2008         Sunset Beach 2010    … Continue Reading “Summer 🌞 Solstice Blessing ðŸŒ»ðŸ¬”