✨ Happy Full Moon April 🌕

Happy Full Moon,

Hope you will have a wonderful time with the brilliant moon this evening 🌕😌





Yesterday around 9am, it was rainy thunder, and lightning.

But the ocean was extremely calm glassy and quiet.

That happens often here.

Just because of heavy rain and thunder outside, doesn’t mean I should stay home nor shouldn’t go for photo shooting.

I was so excited padding out to my go-to surf spot where completely NOBODY but so much wild-life and beauty of nature.

Here is something to share with you ~ Only for my blog readers. Unlisted YouTube Videos.

Hope you will find the beauty of nature and experience riding the beautiful wave with me.



  1. Beautiful photos and video! I love the sea turtle. I was able to snorkel near them last time I was there (not touching them, of course!). They seem to like to just pop up near me, so your video from your SUP reminded me of that. Thanks for sharing! 🌸🌺😎

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  2. Happy Pink Full Moon To You Too Dear
    Hawaii FRiEnD Getting Some Spectacular
    Pics of This Full Moon Celebrating April

    New Flowers too Such A Beautiful View Where
    You Live too With Wow Double Rainbow Too and

    Hehe Seeing You Surfing Was A Bit Alarming As It Seemed

    You Took A Fall Yet of Course The Water Is Soft Enough to

    Give Back

    too Surely

    More Than
    Very Dry Land HAha

    Keep Mastering the Balance
    of Waves on Top oF IT ALL With SMiLes…

    Still Trying to Electronically Publish my Celebration
    of 18,000 Miles oF Public Dancing in 9 Years and 6 Months

    Hehe Now i’m Already Up to 18,088 Miles Since i met the Milestone

    And Featnote Around Two Weeks Ago Hehe Now Almost Three With SMiLes

    Oh Lord Haven’t Even Posted the YouTube And Facebook Videos to Accompany

    It Yet as my Father’s Senior Quote From School Said “Don’t Do Today What You Can

    Put Off Until Tomorrow” Yes i Will Do That His Identical Twin Brother Had Greater Aspirations

    of Shakespeare And MacBeth’s Quote: “I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none.”

    True i’ll Do That

    Too Always Now
    Beyond All Dates

    As Yes i’ll Do Both
    To Remain Flexible

    New Like the Water TaKinG
    So Many Forms in Essence For Real..:)

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      1. Ah Yes And Finally Publishing
        The Newest Dances For
        18,000 Miles Per
        Example of Down
        Here Hehe With SMiLes
        Dear Hawaii FRiEnD i Shall

        Continue to Balance Waves on Dry Land in Stores

        Spiraling About of Course like the Milky Away Above



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  3. このビデオ良いです〜😃

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    1. ぶくぶく感シェアできて光栄です。
      これは大き目のSUPボードなので、それほどスピードも出てないのですが(早いやつだと、固定してないと、手持ちで波乗りながら撮影する余裕がないかも😅)そう言っていただけて、ビデオ作った甲斐ありました😆mahalo for watching🙏🏾

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  4. What an amazing experience it’s great to see sea life that you only see in Hawaii! It must be very peaceful to be out in the water when almost no one else is. What lovely images, especially the full moon. Aloha 🪷🌺

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  5. The Pink Moon is beautiful. As always, your furry family members are adorable. The video is really cool. The turtles and fish go about their usual business regardless of the weather, and you had them all to yourself. Very nice! Aloha.

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    1. Aloha good evening, how are you?
      I am glad you liked the sea turtle and beautiful blue rainbow parrot fish 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠I always wanted to take a video of them🦜🐠so I am so glad. But i will definitely try to take from under the water this summer🤗✨
      Hope you have a wonderful
      Happy Easter Sunday 💓🐰🥚🥚🐰💓

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  6. I love your family pictures 😍🤣 I think you have rainbows the whole year through 😆 Beautiful pictures and I like the video! Aren’t you afraid of lightning on the water? It must have been wonderful enjoying nature all on your own 😊 Thank you for sharing. Aloha 🌸

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