1. 余りに美しくて、同じ世界とは思えない〜と今日は特に思いました❣️😆

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  2. Happy March! Such lovely, peaceful images, love the baby honu images, and the great wisdom. Of course, I always love seeing those photos of sweet Panda, he is such a beautiful boy. 🌺❣️🌸

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  3. “Let it Go” Indeed Let All Word Thinking

    Pass Feel The Nature Within Inside Outside

    Above So Below All Around And my Wife

    Loves the ‘Honu’

    Sea Turtle Pics

    Yes With SMiLes
    Always Peaceful
    to See Australian
    Shepherd Panda Enjoying
    Your Tropical Paradise And Beach

    Home Dear Hawaii FRiEnD With Aloha SMiLes..:)

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      1. SMiles Dear Hawaii
        FRiEnD Finishing A
        Milestone of Public
        Dancing 18,000 Miles
        In 9 Years And 6 Months
        Yes Tonight On “Pi Day”
        3.14.2023 Wonderful
        Wednesday Coming
        To You Resting
        my Feet 👣
        For NoW Hehe☺️🏝


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