🤗 Happy February, Weekend & Full Moon 🌕

orange moon


Happy February, Weekend and Full Moon to you.

Please stay warm, healthy and happy.

Hope you will enjoy the moon from where you are….





Here is my Black Cat Peppy recently short video😆💕

He will turn 19 years old this year.

According to the “Cat Care for Life”, he will be 92 years old and he & Cappuccino, they are both “Super Senior” life stage.

I feel like I have to celebrate ever!!!


Here is Cappuccino’s short video recently.







Please BE My First 100 Subscriber on the Zebra Finch Hawaii🌈




mahalo for stopping by.


  1. 夜のプールから満月を眺めるのはステキですね〜🌝

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  2. A wonderful full moon photo!
    Your animal companions have certainly done your souls good. I like to be on your pages and like the photos very much. Thank you very much for this and warm greetings, Gisela

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  3. Congratulations Peppy and Cappuccino! This is the Year of the Cat in the Vietnamese version of the Lunar calendar (apparently there are no rabbits in Vietnam), so I hope it is a lucky one for you both and your humans! The full moon marks the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations, so it’s a good night to celebrate with festive food and drink. But it sounds like you do that every day on your lovely beach!

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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet message.
      I didn’t know that The year of Cat. How cute🤗🐱
      That’s great to know that the full moon Lunar New Year celebrations as well.
      Thank you for letting me know.
      Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week.
      Stay well & warm.

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  4. Such a beautiful moon, the image is lovely. Sweet kitties, Cappuccino reminds me of Mandy, the curiosity and the interest in everything around him so great to see such happy cats, birds and Panda, all wrapped with such love. Aloha, happy Sunday, and full moon. 🌺💕

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  5. It is 6am here in Australia and I have just finished watering the garden. The moon was so bright, I didn’t need any other light. The sun is now just beginning to rise. What a lovely time of day it is when only the birds are singing and all is quiet.
    Peppy and Cappuccino are certainly super seniors! It must be great to have Cappuccino follow you to the beach. I know I would love that, too. Mahola…

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    1. Thank you. your garden must be so peaceful and beautiful.
      Thanks for sharing such beautiful scene ✨💕
      Today Feb 8th is my 🐼’s 14 years birthday 🥳
      I will post his birthday scene next time 😊
      Please come back again.
      Aloha 🌈

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  6. Oh Dear Lord Hawaii FRiEnD Such
    A Gorgeous Sunset Orange Full

    Snow Moon As The ‘Farmer’s
    Almanac’ Describes It Over Here

    In the Continental United States

    As Yes! i Captured The Orange Hued

    Snow Full Moon Too Even Though It’s

    Starting To Feel Like SPRinG Again A

    Tradition Off and On Since December

    iN OuR Florida Panhandle

    What is Often Played

    As LA For Lower

    Alabama too
    Unofficially Hehe

    It Seems in Regard to
    A Certain Way of Traditional
    Life Too mY FRiEnD Ah Yes Super
    Senior Cats They Often Thrive THiS WaY

    As Partially Wild and Civilized Inside Outside
    Cats Getting The Best of Both Worlds Like me hehe

    Too Oh Dear Lord So Much Public Dance This Weekend Up
    to 17,833 MiLeS NoW iN 113 Months True i Still Rain Dance

    Every WHeRE i Go

    Like The Snow

    i Just Cover

    So Much of
    Our Metro
    Area THiS Way
    With SMiLes And

    The Video Voyeurs
    And Picture Takers
    Spread The Rest of the
    Butter And Bread of Free SMiLes i BRing

    Ah Yes Aloha Breathing Your Gorgeous Beach House
    Full Moon Orange Hued Ocean Paradise mY FRiEnD With SMiLes…

    mY Wife Particularly Loves The Sea Turtles on the Floor of Your Terrace Roof Pool..:)

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    1. awww I am Happy to hear that your pretty wife loves the turtles mosaics 😆💕
      How sweet. there are 4 (two adults and two children ) turtles on the rooftop pool😂
      Happy Aloha Friday to you and your family.
      Take care & happy dancing.

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      1. SMiles Dear Aloha
        FRiEnD Turtles
        Essence of
        Sea Keep
        Swimming With
        Them Free In Pool
        By Design on Rooftop


        Or Ocean
        Whole Blue
        In Free Sea Breeze 🐢☺️🌊


  7. 綺麗なお月様😍


      1. はい、家の猫は、もう孫も居るらしいのですが、可愛いくて可愛いくて、ずーとベイビーというの、よくわかります😆


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