🐦My True Love Nature🐦

On the second day of Christmas,

My True Love Nature sent to me,

not a Partridge nor three French Hens but…

🐦 Two Zebra Doves (instead of Turtle Doves)🐦

They suddenly showed up a few days before the Christmas.

They spent a few nights until Christmas morning..then they didn’t come back Christmas night.🎄✨

I assume they just evacuated from the big rain 🌧 and they must be still near by… but what’s a wonderful coincidence with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song♪♪



🎄Winter Gifts for Myself🎄

🎁 1: Hāpuʻu Fern

the hāpuʻu ʻiʻi or Hawaiian tree fern, is a species of tree fern that is endemic to the islands of Hawaiʻi.

🎁 2: Boston Fern

My little Sanctuary


morning & evening Yoga spot as well.

🎄Winter Gifts for Cappuccino🎄

🎁1: Electric Warming Mat



She’s been through such tough times this year….but she’s strong, survivor and such a good girl.

She’ll turn 17 in few months, I think she needs extra warmth.




🎄Winter Gift for Cappuccino & Peppy🎄

🎁2: Water Fountain




🎁3: Raised Cat Food Bowl








Aloha 🌈

Let me introduce my channel “Surf Kawela Hawaii”. 🐋

You’ll find cute animals from around me and world-class surf performances..

~Main Cast~

Dog: 14 years, Australian Shepherd. Born and raised in North Shore Oahu.

Black Cat: 19 years old. Rescued from Honolulu Human Society.

Tonkinese Cat: 17 years old from Waianae side Oahu.

~Special Guest Apperances~

Wild Chickens Laniakea Horses Neighbour’s Duck Honu, Fish, marine life🐋

I am happy to share the beauty of my neighborhood and animals with ocean & animal lovers worldwide. 🌏🐋🌍🐋🌎 I am grateful for all the positive feedback I receive from you. It will continue to motivate me to share the beauty of my surroundings. Mahalo for your subscribe🌈 🐼

May you all have good health & happy new year.🕊🌿✨


  1. My cats got a new water fountain, to mixed results. All the older cats have chin acne, which is said to be caused by plastic dishes so I’m trying a metal fountain. It’s small but holds WAY more water.

    I also got my pets extra warmbeds and heating pads as they got older.

    I hope your menagerie enjoys their gifts. And I hope your doves return!

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    1. I had a stainless steel one but unfortunately, it got rusted spots in a month 😭
      Most of the metals (except Aluminum) do not last long here since we are wrapped by sea salt spray in the winter.😂
      Glad your kitties are warm!!!
      Mahalo for your wishes.
      Stay warm too aloha


      1. Drats on the rust!!! Our horrific/hated breakwater prevents all wave so no such problem here.

        I don’t know of you read Re-Farmer but her kitties are surviving in literal far below sub zero temps. I wanted to send her another heated water bowl for them (even it freezes over) but she refused.


      1. Now we have a cold weather, today sun shine thanks God, because we had two days clouwdy and raining.
        But we don’t have snow. Thank’s for ask. You must be have a beautiful weather. Keep well. Mahalo.🙏💕🥂
        Aloha. 🏖️

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the beautiful country where you live. I always enjoy looking at the animal pictures and admire the harmony they radiate.
    All the best for the new year 2023 wishes Gisela ! ✨🌈🌞🌊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aloha Gisela🤗
      Thank you for stopping by my page and your message.
      I am so happy to heart that you enjoy my pictures of cute animals around me🐋💕
      Also thanks for your new year’s wished.
      Please stay warm, Aloha.

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  3. SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD How Nice That Two Zebra Doves Visited
    You For Three Days During Christmas True Birds Have Amazing Senses

    For Migrating And Finding Refuge As Well as a Hermit Thrush Bird my

    Sister Calls Herman Has Come Thousands of Miles Migrating Each

    Year in October And Stays At Her Home All The Way Through April
    For 6 Months the Last 4 Years Including This Year She Feeds the

    Little Bird Raisins
    Every Day and
    The Bird Indeed
    Makes Her Home
    The Bird’s Home

    All The Way Through
    6 Months As Such again
    For 4 Years Now They Don’t
    Usually Live More than 4 or 5 Years

    Yet Every FRiEnD is Worth Celebrating
    While They Are Here For Real With SMiLes

    For Those Who Make Nature THeiR FRiEnD
    They Will Never Truly Be Lonely in Communion Here


    Liked by 1 person

      1. iNDeeD Nature
        Is Free Nature
        Is Wild Dear
        Hawaii FRiEnD
        Nature is Naked
        Enough Whole
        Complete PLaY iN
        2023 Too Also my

        New Year’s
        Resolution too

        Tears Of BeautY iN
        Joy For All Who Travel

        Far To
        HoMe Free Within

        Pot of Gold Yet Only
        RainboW iN FLiGHT 🌈 🦅 🥹


  4. カプチーノちゃん達はプレゼントを気に入ったようですね😄

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  5. You’re obviously being talked about, by all the local fauna and the message is: All animals will be safe when visiting the Beach House! I’m sure that would include most humans too! Do you know Dr Doolittle? 😉🤗😊 Happy holidays and good wishes for the New Year! 🌹💌🙋‍♂️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aloha🌈
      Yes, I know Dr. Doolittle by movie.
      I remember the movie scene that he gets really sick when he walks into the room with full of mounted animals. I am the same!!! When I went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, there are so many stores, restaurant, they decorate real stuffed animals all over!!!

      Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and New Year.🥳

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  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us readers, so different from the German climate. I enjoy seeing your pets and plants thrive. Have a healthy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aloha Djinn.
      Thanks so much for stopping by my page Hawaii. Glad you liked my pictures & home🏡🐋
      I hope I will visit your beautiful country some day…
      Please stay healthy and warm.
      Enjoy your New Year’s Eve.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So cute, that the doves came to your house 💕🎄 A message of love 💖 Your pets must be very happy now and I am sure Cappuccino will enjoy the warming mat 😀 I always enjoy your posts and photos and videos and I am looking forward to next year to read more from you and your animals! Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year 🌟💕✨ Almuth

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