🐶immediate forgiveness moment🐶


😆 immediate forgiveness moment 😆

Happy morning walking time 🐾 🐼&Me

Panda 🐼 often does this!!!

I lost my balance a few second, plus I almost hurt “the-already -injured -knee” again.😠


But when I look at ….

😍 “KAWAI-SUGI~~~” (*means “too cute”)

😍 also “he knows nothing”, therefore I immediately forgave him 😂




Please find the Black Cat “Peppy”

Cats barely corporate my photo shooting project. 😭





😆Sending you world Happy Dog dancing short video😆

**Must turn up the volume**💁🏽‍♀️♪♪♪



A few days ago, I tried to upload videos are called “Shorts” on YouTube.


So far, cute animals videos only.





It seems like their “Algorithm” likes my Panda & cute animals as well so far.🐼🐱🐓

Please check them out 💕

If you have a google account, I will be super happy if you could subscribe “Surf Kawela Hawaii”💕




mahalo for stopping by my page.

Please take care, stay warm and healthy.

Aloha 🌟





  1. Of course you forgave Panda, awwh, he is just so sweet.
    Those little birds are so colourful, lovely.
    Here, it is cold. Night temperature -6c. Daytime only 3c. Ice & fog. I don’t like to walk on ice so have been indoors. Hopefully it will clear in a few days. 😶‍🌫️😒

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  2. I’m glad you didn’t trip or reinjure yourself. I always forgive our dog Griff, he’s so innocent and like Panda very cute. Such well behaved kitties, I can’t get a tree, Mandy kitty stands against the trunk and may pull herself up into the tree, she loves all trees. I watched all of your video shorts, so adorable, love the mama hen with her chicks. Have a great rest of the week, Mahalo ❤️🌺

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    1. I love the mama hen with hiding chicks video too 😂💕
      Thank you so much for watching the videos!!! I am soooo happy to hear that.
      I am studying more about how to get more viewers 😋🥳
      How’s weathers there recently?

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      1. The weather is very cold,. We got our first snow two days ago, about 3 inches. It snowed more yesterday not much but it was pretty slowly drifting to the ground. The songbirds we’re busy flying around a couple of pine trees to keep warm so I had my camera out taking photos. I am going to begin using my YouTube channel more, I’ve done a few videos, it’s not that hard too do, I want to learn the more complex edits so the videos will be fun to watch. I imagine your weather is cool?

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    1. Right? He is always teach me how lucky for many thing if you have super adorable face 😆😂 He is probably the most said “Good boy” every day kind of a dog 😆
      I appreciate you watched the videos.🙏🏾🐋💖

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  3. あどけない顔で見上げてるカウェラちゃん😍💕
    beach houseさんの動物動画好きです😘

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    1. 夜間はただでさえ見えにくい上に、

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  4. SMiLes Animals So Innocent
    Empty of Malicious Intent
    Of Course Unless one is

    A Male Spider With A
    Black Widow Girl Friend hehe

    Dear Hawaii Aloha FRiEnD

    Anyway Yes Dogs So Empty of
    Malicious Intent They Won’t Eat Us After

    We Love Them Particularly Australian
    Shepherd Panda Ouch! Stepping on Your

    Foot Holding Up Your Past Injured Knee

    The Innocence
    Indeed of EYes
    That Bring Shepherd
    Love mY FRiEnD At Best

    And Oh the Glory and Popularity
    of the Big North Shore Oahu Waves

    We Had Gale Force Winds Yesterday Big
    Waves At the Beach Coming From the South East

    Yes Dancing in Reverse FLoWinG SPiRaLinG With
    Athletic Shoes in Deep Sugar White Sands Miles

    With The Wind SMiLinG With me Such Floating Ease

    YeT On Terrestrial Land Against the Wind

    Hehe Perhaps Wising For A

    More Aerodynamic Shape

    As i Do Serve

    As Quite of
    A Wind Break Hehe..:)

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