1. So what’s cold by Hawaii standards? My SoCal standard is 64F = snow weather. But even 81 felt cold today.

    Happy Thanksgiving… to you and those you love, including all the critters!

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  2. my my Dear Aloha FRiEnD
    Your Hawaii North Shore
    Ocean Waves Surely

    Look Alive With Waves As You
    Shiver in Below 70F Degree

    Temperatures Hehe True

    It’s Actually Above 70 F in Florida

    (i Haven’t Worn Long Pants Since
    Late Winter in January of 2013)

    Today Very Wet

    Perfect Hot
    Weather Still
    Having A Cup Now
    Served By Loyal Wife of Course

    Soon i Will Do A Nap Like Your Thanks Giving
    Treat Stuffed Pets and Then Yes off to The

    Navy Military Station

    Gym to Strengthen
    By Body From Head
    to Toe to Put Together
    an Already Written Bi-Monthly
    Blog Post of Around 60,000 or So
    Words and a TON of Muli-Media to
    Publish that “FB Profile Pic Bible 7 MiLLioN
    WordS Old” Celebration Title Perhaps As Early

    As Tomorrow Before my

    Rested Body Embarks Again in a Weekend Long
    Public Dance After A Slow Dance Tonight Around

    Our Neighborhood
    Block So Exhausted
    After Working Out Still
    Leg Pressing Up to 1520
    Pounds at my Still Evolving
    Advancing Age of 62 With SMiles

    Just Trying To Keep Up With My Sister
    And Wife Walking As the Frogs Are Hibernating

    So They Do Not Break to Save Frogs From Road
    Kill on the Highway By Four Wheel Drives to Give

    me an


    To At Least
    Catch Up Hehe

    Once in A While

    Oh Dear This is what

    Life is About Surfing the

    Higher Waves Even on Dry Land

    Just Dancing A Tight Rope Higher

    And Higher in Effortless Wu Wei Ease of Being The Water

    And Air Feather Wind Soaring Evolving FLoWeR STiLL Unfolding Thanks You For Sharing

    Yes Those Sky Blue Pre-Winter Waves of North Shore Hawaii Simply Gorgeous my FRiEnD..:)

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      1. Hehe my Wife Must
        Keep Her Long Slender
        Pacific Islander Toes
        Covered With Fluffly
        Socks Too When
        Temps Fall
        Belong 70F
        Dear Hawaii
        FRiEnD On The
        Other Hand i’ve Literally
        Danced in The Snow ⛄️
        Barefoot 🦶 Without
        Much of Anything
        Else on
        Perhaps my
        Father Was Really
        A Polar Bear And
        i Am Just A Different
        Mix Like my Wife too

        And You

        Stay Warm
        And Dry Dear
        FRiEnD i Pray
        Your Knee is
        Healing Well

        With Ocean 🤗
        Whole SMiles 🏝☺️🙏 🌊

        The Toads Stay Warm
        Asleep Deep in Their

        Holes Safe From
        Four Wheel Drive
        Huge Tires 🛞 And

        Killing Roads too Still Alive! 🐸

        me too Hehe 🕺 🪩


  3. Nice video! I’d be the one standing on the beach! ​ Or, napping on the beach. ​💤​☕​😴​ Anything that is terra firma. I am not so brave !​ But…love watching! ​ ⛱️ ​🏄‍♂️​ ☕​

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