1. ウミガメを水中撮影ですか。素晴らしいです👏

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  2. メレメレちゃんカウェラちゃんに懐いてるんですかぁ?🤣

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    1. 😂😅白状すると、

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  3. Oh How pleasurable Paddling
    Calm Crystal Clear Hawaii
    Waters Before
    Surf’s Up
    Again Dear
    Aloha FRiEnD

    Sea Turtles Paddling
    With Calm FLoWinG
    Ocean Waters True

    This is the Life As
    Finch and Panda
    Australian Shepherd
    LiVE iN Peace Now

    As Panda Becomes
    Both Fur And Feathered Nest With
    SMiLes As Nature Really Can And Will

    Get Along
    As Birds
    of A Feather
    With Dogs of Fur True

    And Yes Hehe Even Us Humans Too..:)

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      1. Yes Yes oh Yes
        To Be Decorated
        On Top By Your
        Young Feather 🪶
        Finch A
        Aloha Living
        Hat With WingS Hehe!! 🐦 ☺️🏝


    1. Hey, I have to search that “stratospherically” meaning 😂😻
      Thanks for the new vocabulary ✏️📖
      I am so glad that you love my short video.
      Have a wonderful weekend, Aloha🐠🐟🐡

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    1. Yes, they are such graceful in the water and sooooo slow on the beach 😆😍💕
      Thanks so much for watching the video. Glad you found Mele bird on fluffy panda’s back 😆Hope you are enjoying your Saturday afternoon. Aloha 🦤🦭💕

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  4. こんにちは(^^)
    ウミガメの水中撮影が出来るなんて凄いですね! ペットちゃん達も元気そうで何よりです。

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    1. シュノーケル持ってなかったので、息を堪えながら、撮影しました😆。

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  5. ウミガメさん、気持ち良さそう〜に泳いでますね!楽しんでる!😆って感じでした。貴重なビデオありがとうございます♪

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    1. ビデオご視聴いただきましてありがとうございます🤗✨🙏

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      1. 正に本物を間近で見たら、感動するでしょうねー!😆

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