“Lele ka ʻiwa malie kai koʻo.”

We live the place is called HALE’IWA on the North Shore Oahu Island where located Hawaiian Islands in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

“Hale” means “Home” in Hawaiian.

“Iwa” means “The great frigatebird” in Hawaiian.


太平洋の真ん中、ハワイ諸島オアフ島の北部海岸にある、HALE’IWA というところに住んでいます。

“Hale” ハワイ語でお家 

“Iwa”  大軍艦ドリ



This Iwa parent and chick photo from Wikipedia


Lele ka ‘iwa malie kai ko’o.

…”When The Iwa Bird Flies The Rough Sea will be Calm” 🌊”Iwa 海上をただよえば、荒海は穏やかになり”

😌 awww I do LOVE this kind of saying from ancient people. 💓 soooo touch my heart😍

And it’s really true😍 😆 and of course, always big。。😉




and then, I baked “Onion Cheese Bun” 🧀🧅💕




Thanks so much for stopping by my page.

Your positive feedback will always be my motivation, Aloha🌺


      1. I’ve never seen frigate chicks I’m sure they’re adorable. That would be great, I’ve never gotten baked goods from a neighbor before. 😊

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      2. I really meant it. I always think, I wish I could share with every my dear followers in the world. I love to share the things that I love😆💕
        Hope you have a wonderful day. And have a happy & peaceful weekend, Aloha.

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  1. As The Hawaii Bird Flies And Sings

    Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love

    Paws of Cutest


    Dog Resting
    on Sands of
    Sunset Beach
    With Siamese Dreams
    Resting DriftWood Ocean Breeze

    Purrs Come and Go Shepherd Tale
    Wags Love Lives On

    in Paradise my

    Aloha FRiEnD

    Sadly The Rest of the
    United States is Drowning
    A Bit With Catastrophic IDA
    Week Destruction i Suppose
    The Good News is We Aren’t
    Facing Another Hurricane Yet the
    Plate Is Full of Challenges and it is

    As Beautiful As It Has Ever Been in the Garden
    of Eden Backyard Greens And Colors of Florida
    Paradise Forest too Blessed And Blissed We aRe

    Dear FRiEnD in Our Paradise Home And Although
    We Have No Domesticated Furry FRiEnDS Inside
    The Furry Critters Thrive With What We Feed As
    Well As Birds and Bees And Truly Enough to

    Fill and Feel
    An Ark

    Of Nature’s
    Breath At Ease

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

    Life is Still Good i Only Wish
    it to Be Greater than My Life For
    All Others True That’s Along Way Home Indeed
    Yet Where i Live There is ALL Hope in the World to
    Empty Hell Even if it Did Exist in Heaven Now Dear FRiEnD…
    It’s not Easy Being An Empath These Days So i Dance And Sing

    The Pain of Others Away….

    For Whatever


    Love Brings For Real..:)


      1. Thank You Dear
        Aloha FRiEnD
        So Glad Your Sister-in-law
        Flooded In Connecticut
        Is Okay And Her
        House Above the
        Basement too…

        So Wide-spread
        In Such A Populated
        Area the Northeast

        So Much
        Death Hope
        More Beautiful
        Days Return to
        Her Have a Nice
        Day Dear Aloha FRiEnD


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  2. I’m reading this early morning in India and the photos and post, made it so much brighter! What a beautiful place to live in. I’d also never heard of this bird before. Thanks and aloha! New word .

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    1. Hi Diti. Hope you had a great early morning reading time 🐦🌳😌
      I am super happy to heart that my post made it brighter😆💕Thank you for your sweet message. Isn’t her or he so graceful ?! Every time I see them, my eyes become 😍 heart shape 😆💕Hope you will have an another beautiful morning. Aloha.


      1. But you put eyes and a nose to one of the buns. I thought you wanted to make a Panda bun. 🙂 🐼 And I’m sure they’re yummy. I too regret I can’t eat one. But thank you for the thought.


      2. Aloha Jo, yeah you are right! I didn’t even realize until you said so.
        I looked at the pic carefully and yes, the roll’s 3 raisins make it looks like a 🐶 face😂💕
        You have great sight.


  3. Another beautiful post from Hawaii. The photos are amazing and I’d love to try those onion cheese buns! The Frigate bird is beautiful but so is your gorgeous last picture of your dog on the beach. I’m sorry that I’m only getting to see this now (Friday 3rd) but it’s been a busy week. Love your posts. 🤗😍💖🙋‍♂️


    1. Aloha Ashley
      Thanks for your sweet message.
      Happy to hear that you liked everything 😆🙏🏾💕
      It’s Labor Day Holiday weekend here in this country. (Every first Monday in September is labor day ) and every year I feel like ok… this is the very last weekend of summer this year and it will be my favorite quieter season until the end of November😻🥰❣️
      Hope you are enjoying the Autumn 🍂 too 🌰🎃😊


  4. Where do you always get these beautiful rainbows from 🙂 I believe 90% are over Hawai 😆 Wonderful videos. I like the bird. It looks like it is a precious flyer. I love those kind of ancient sayings too. The Acai bowl looks delicious, as well as your lovely baked onion cheese buns. I would like to have one portion of each please 🤣 I watched your videos before I went to work today and I felt relaxed. Thank you so much 💕 Have a beautiful weekend!💖🌴🌞🌊 Aloha

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    1. Aloha the other side of planet Friend 🌍💕

      Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday morning 🌞✨☕️
      🕸🦋🐝How is it the weather like?

      Açaí bowl is super healthy and yummy.
      It’s perfect for Hawaiian breakfast🍓🫐🍌however it always makes me cold ( I was already cold after swimming …) so that really motivates me to bake 😋🤩💕I really wish if you could try it 💫

      Thanks so much for checking my video 🙏🏾
      Aloha nut loa.

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      1. Ah, I understand. Some dishes are really cold and after swimming you get even colder. I love icecream. In summertime it is wonderful, but in winter I freeze terribly 😂
        Do you see Cassiopeia ✨ these days on your nocturnal sky? It may be called different in your place. It looks like a “W”. I saw it tonight. I always enjoy seeing the stars. Maybe we share the same constellations 😍🌘 Greetings to you dear friend on the other side 🌈 Have a nice week! Aloha 💕


      2. Cassiopeia ✨😊How romantic!!!
        Unfortunately I really don’t know if I can see it from here. I know only Orion and Dipper.
        Orion and one of dippers (not sure big or little one) can see from here well.
        If you know stars very well, you will definitely enjoy here because you can see SOOOOO many. I will definitely study more about them and we can share ! Thanks for reminding me that. Enjoy your stars tonight, aloha.

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      3. I love Orion! I see it here from my window in wintertime. It is so beautiful. As a child my friend and I often stood on the street at night (okay, late evening 😅) and we were looking for stars and constellations ✨💖 We could see the milky way then, so wonderful! But you can’t today, not in the cities and often not in the countryside either. It must be so wonderful in your place to see the stars shining, wow ⭐️ 🌟 ✨ When I see Orion and dipper the next time, I will be thinking of you on the other sight of the planet 🌎😍 Aloha.


      4. That sounds wonderful! Our moon is just very nice too overhere 🙂 I have to make a blog pause because my arm hurts and I can’t write. So hopefully till soon! I keep enjoying your posts 💕

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  5. Thanks for the lovely videos and photos. You live in such a beautiful place. Hope your islands are safe amidst all the storms. Your food looks great and yummy!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind message🥰✨🙏🏾

      Yes, fortunately, Hawaiian islands are safe this time and so far.
      It’s such a heart broken and sad hearing all kind of disasters all over the world.
      Hope your area is safe too.

      I am glad you liked my food pictures🥰😋🍓❣️
      Please take care, aloha🌈

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