Things I learned from HONU


Trust the flow.

Swim at your own pace.


Feel free to change direction.

Think long term.

Graceful in the ocean.

Play in the waves.


Spend more time at the beach.


Enjoy time by yourself.

Slow down.




Honu is my inspiration 🌈

They are all angels in the ocean, teach me many important things.

I want to be graceful like them 💕

I wish I could hold my breath like them 😆 (then I would be a big wave surfer 😜)

May all them be safe and happy🌊🌈

Please watch this video by any chance. 💕


The next morning of this evening video…. I found this 😍

😍 How amazing!!!

🐢    💦    💦    💦  

one of my favorites:

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein.

🌼    🌊    🌼    🌊


  1. Beautiful Honu but such a struggle on the sand, unlike those little crabs, those little people, so light on their feet! Thank you for sharing this, I love your beach and Honu too! 💐🤗💌🙋‍♂️


    1. Aloha Ashley.
      😍Thanks so much for watching the video😍
      and I am so glad that you were noticing little other creatures!!!
      Glad you like HONU too😆🌊Have a great day, Aloha🌼🌸


  2. 美しい癒しの動画をありがとうございます💕

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    1. 動画見てくださって、めちゃくちゃうれしいです🤗💕ほんとうに、カメの姿に心が洗われますよね✨🌟私は、特に特定の宗教の熱心な信者とかではないのですが、いつもHONUには、神聖なというか、神様からのお使いの生物。。。のような、何かを感じます🥲

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  3. As Above So Below Within Inside Outside
    Indeed All Around Nature Provides Most All
    The Answers We Need to Basically Survive

    And Even Thrive
    Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
    And My Wife Watching

    Your Video Said it Feel
    Like Heaven Watching the
    Turtles in Their Everyday

    Life Cycles Never

    Rushing it Just

    One Step


    Or Behind Whatever
    It Takes in Flow Next
    Wonderful Share Thank You WiTH
    SMiLes From Florida Dear Hawaii FRiEnD..:)


    1. Wow, thanks sooooo much for watching the video 🙏🏾🌼🐚💕
      I don’t have any particular religion but I believe there is something greatest … means god. And I always feel something closer to the god in Honu… to let us know so many things 😍✨🙏🏾🐢😌

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      1. SMiles Dear Aloha Hawaii
        FRiEnD my Wife Has
        Two Beautiful Tattoos

        Of A Green
        Sea Turtle on
        Her Foot And


        Totem No
        Different Than
        “Hono” You Sing
        And Bring Closer
        To God Ocean


        As Land
        Meets Ocean
        Sky And Ground

        As Sea Turtles

        Join Shores

        To Waves Free

        No Division All

        FLoW iN Whole

        A Mix Of Earth And
        Water Silt Actually
        Relates As Other



        In “A History
        Of God” on
        Page 8 By
        Karen Armstrong
        Historical Scholar

        For Origins

        Of God In

        Language Yet

        Truly We Need
        None of That Hono
        Will Keep Us


        Balance of
        Sea And
        Land Free🤗🌈☺️

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      2. 🤣Honu Tattoos 👍🏾
        My sister in law has 2 honu on the top of her foot too 🤣
        Definitely they are one of the popular animals
        for tattoo design!? or maybe only Hawaiian, Tongan, Tahitian and Floridan ???

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      3. SMiLes Aloha FRiEnD
        Turtle Tattoo’s
        Are Popular For
        Women NoW All







        Loving All
        Unscathed At
        Best True Men

        Will Do Greater
        Balancing The



        Soft Parts
        Of Life This
        Way too Ironically

        They Remain

        Afraid Of


        The Life
        Giving Part

        Sadly Enough, Overall

        As Hard Alone


        Harms And
        Even Kills SMiLes

        i Am A Mighty



        No Tattoo
        Dear Aloha

        Hawaii FRiEnD 🐢🏝😊

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  4. I like your thoughts about the Honu! I think she teaches a lot of wise things 🙂 Nature is a good teacher. It is so cute how you care for pets 🐢❤️🐢😍🐢 The little crabs that run around look funny and the marks from Honu in the sand are amazing. Your dog is so brave 👍
    Have a nice day 🌊🌈🌞 Aloha!


    1. Good morning friend. 🌞🌈
      It’s beautiful Sunday morning here 🙏🏾✨💕
      Thank you so much for being so sweet‼️
      Glad you had a chance to watch the video. Those little sand crabs are so beautiful, aren’t they? and yes, sand track of the 🐢are amazing 😻🤩✨
      Hope you have a relaxing evening, aloha.

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      1. Thank you so much for that beautiful picture – I love it!!! 💖✨🌟🌈 Give a hug to your cute dog please ☺️ Have a beautiful day🐕🌸 🌞🌊 Aloha!


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