Pray for southwest Japan and Korea.

What could be the most powerful super typhoon in decades is threatening Japan’s southwest and Korea.

I am praying for all people, animals, all creatures.


It’s Labor Day holiday weekend here.

Morning🌞Sun & Morning 🌝Fullmoon


please be in a safe condition



      1. 四国っていいところなんでしょうね〜〜。
        ビックウェーバーの青山さんが徳島でロッジされてるんですけどなんでしょうのんびりしてて🐟seafood も最高で行ってみたいです〜〜😍

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      2. ご存知でしたかっ!!!

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      3. “重鎮” 😆😆😆


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      1. Oh, dawm. I haven’t seen pics/vid.

        I had the same reaction to brush fires several years ago. After people died because they couldn’t get shelter for their pets CA has become extremely proactive about allowing pets at emergency shelters or providing shelter for pets.

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      2. I was thinking about the same thing every time when I saw the news about brush fires in ca. It great to hear that CA is getting aware for pets’s lives.
        Still too sad to think about the wildlife 🐰🦜🐦🦉🦅🐗🐺🐻🦌🐐🐆though….
        Stay safe, hopefully you sleep better tonight 😴 💤 w kitties 🐱


    1. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful 🌺🌈
      Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend 💞
      I always feel like “this summer is over, it’s fall now 🍂☺️” Labor Day afternoon 😍
      Japan’s typhoon swells will arrive Wednesday here in Hawaii.🌊🌊
      so amazing….

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      1. Unbelievable power…I hope Y’all will be alright. Sending prayers. And visiting Your blog is always my pleasure! We did have a wonderful weekend, Thank You! Hoping Y’all did as well! And….yes! It’s been HOT here, but Labor Day brought a cool front….so whispers of fall tip toeing to us are in the air…YAY!!! Stay safe!!! ❤️


      2. Glad you had a good holiday !
        Yes🌊 surf news says that northwest swell 2-3’ hawaiian size which means about a head height – a few more ft higher here north shore wednesday 🏄‍♀️🏄🏄‍♂️🐬🌊
        Have a wonderful week, aloha 🤩🌈

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